event creation application

Eventor is an application that allows company workers to come together and share culture and passion through community created events. These events are directly invoiced to the benefits and community department for further approval.



During my ideation phase, I wanted to tackle something that I was passionate about during this project. Culture was always a big topic in my household because my parents came from two very different backgrounds. Identity for me was essential to who I was amongst my peers. This application is a tangible concept of the ideas that grew on me during my search for identity in my future, career wise, and my life as a overarching constant.

I focused my concept on a real world application in which communities of workers would be able to come together to start their own events. Something I missed about college and high school was that we had clubs to encourage us to partake in different activities. I wanted this same movement within large corporations that had multiple departments that had their own individual passions and hobbies but wouldn't be able to communicate outside of their own workspaces.

Proposal: An event management platform application that allows workers to create events based on certain subcategories of interest. These events are then approved by number of workers who back the event.

Audience: Working professionals willing to engage in new social event and networking opportunities in their current workspace.

Research: While grounding my ideas on this concept, I did some research on different forms of online event and product backing. I was influenced by different applications such as Eventbrite, Spotify, Facebook, and Massdrop to name a few. Each of these websites and applications were able to capture certain categories that interest their community whether it be sports, music or products. I used this idea as the main framework for how a user would interact with my application as well when they were setting up their interests. I was also inspired by the use of vibrant colors and gradients because of how fun and engaging it made the application feel like. I incorporated purple gradients to evoke this same feeling within my own application.





In creating my sketches, I began thinking about different forms of events layout and the way they would be communicated within the company. I decided on a mobile application because of the amount of time they would be able to create these events. This application would be something that is recreational and thus would be done outside of work time. As I started developing screens, I started to think about the navigation and how the user would interact with the interface.


Once I had certain wireframes, I converted my idea into digital screens. I used color hierarchy to emphasize certain elements like the call-to-action of the create button. This would entice the user to read into what the button would do and engage more in the application.

Promotional Materials

I also created some promotional material to give the brand a unique marketing approach where users would be able to create events for point. The points gained would be able to accumulate and be able to redeem these promotional gifts or company benefits/perks.


Concept, Research & Design: Me

UX/UI, Branding

Duration: 3 Weeks