Common Ground

Campus Ministry

Common Ground Campus Ministries asked me to develop some event cards to promote their Fall Kickoff at UW. These cards would be handed out to students during the UW club tabling event to promote their ministry.

I first started off with basic wireframe sketches to deliver the point across. I wrote down what information needed to be explained and condensed these into subsections within the event cards.




Print Design, Branding

Duration: 2 Days


Sketch Iterations


Digital Iterations

Once I finished created sketches, I started to explore these ideas in illustrator, combining parts of my original sketches that I thought evoked better legibility. I also added in color afterwards so that the designs had more boldness and cohesiveness when being paired with the event it was to be delivered for. After all of the digital sketches were thoroughly explored, I gave the Common Ground team the assets to critique and choose their favorite. After much discussion they chose the bottom left version.


Final Event Card

Once I had a clear idea of which one to pursue further, I adjusted the correct information into the design and added more of the subtle details to make the design flow better. I also italicized certain text to give more contrast from the title and body text. Below is the final card that was delivered to the client.



With the clear communication and clean design, the cards were a huge success for the ministry as they opened up for their Fall Kickoff. The amount of people that were in attendance grew 40% from the average 40 people in years past.