Seattle Pacific University

SPU Athletics Department

As a Junior at SPU, I was a Graphic Designer in the Athletics Department. I collaborated with the Athletic Director, Marketing Associates and Coaches to create brand cohesion. I developed logos, posters, banners, social media posts, and brand guidelines in a fast-paced industry.


Brand Guidelines

Originally, the athletic department had nothing relating to guidelines for logo usage. This caused many coaches to take the design work into their own hands, creating confusion and disorganization within the department. I worked on this brand guideline alongside the Athletic Director to focus solely on refining the existing and new logos and their correct usage so that all forms of athletic branding was correct.

 Click to view full PDF brand guidelines

Click to view full PDF brand guidelines


Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

One of the main events that SPU holds for their current and former athletes is the Hall of Fame Brunch. I created a few marketing materials that would help promote recent events for invitees who were to attend the Induction Ceremony.

Email Invitation & Event information

 Hall of Fame Brochure Cover

Hall of Fame Brochure Cover

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Sports Schedules

While working under the Athletic Director, I was able to create sports marketing posters and schedules to communicate athletic events to students on-campus.


Instagram Posts

I created social media templates and posts to create a social media following for current sports events on the @spusports instagram.


Graphic Designer

Branding, Print, Social Media

Duration: 8 Months